You are being Lied To by all those
S.E.O. companies that are relentless in their calling.

Google and YouTube have changed the rules.
You have a Choice.
You can do it Right or get De-Listed!

There are EIGHT Major Developments below...

What's the Answer?

DO NOT listen to those SEO experts that call.
DO comply with what Google Wants.

Here is some additional information to consider.


Google no longer uses Keywords.
No doubt this is another step to thwart Rank Forcing by the Scammers.

Mobile Friendly

This is so critical it will determine the success of your business.
NOTE: All those shrink to fit, go mobi and redirect to mobile sites will Kill your rankings.

Video Marketing

Having your own video is Critical.
Video has become such a big part of our daily lives it's now MANDATORY.

(See SmarterVideo above.)


Having the https:// on your site is now a Very Big Deal.
When Google sees a site without this they display a Large Red Warning that scares customers away.

Google offers a Lot of Free Stuff to use.

You saw the S.E.O. Scams above and if not, check that out.

One thing you may not know, most of these scammers use the Free Google Tools and then turn around and charge you.

This section may shed some light on the issue.