What if you had a V.P. of Marketing and Sales, available 24/7 to do what it takes to bring in more business, but they weren't an employee?

You've heard of a Franchise, but what about a Marchise?

We have Mastered the Art of

Marketing Without

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Better than Franchise?

One thing about a franchise, they are Very Expensive.
Sure, you get set up in business right away but at what cost? Typically you pay a hefty fee and then another hefty percent of your gross forever.
The trend in America is AWAY from Franchises.


Large Up-Front Investment.
Take a % off the Monthly Gross income, usually 15% to 25%..
No Flexibility.
Their way or the Highway.
Strict Rules on Advertising.

We're the OK Guys

Primary Emphasis = Marketing.
We do what it Takes.
Need a special campaign, OK.
Need more customers, OK.
Need Customer follow-up, OK.
Break into a new area, OK.
Manage your SmarterMarketing tools and systems, OK.
Need a special presentation for a large potential order, OK.



  • Frees you up to do what you do best, Run your Business.
  • You end up having much more time.
  • We easily shift gears as driven by current conditions.
  • We handle all your Marketing, whatever is needed.
  • We can add special marketing areas as needed.
  • Example: Need a special video for a new product? We handle it.
  • Need to break into a New Area. Let's get together and figure it out.

No Two Businesses are Alike

If the idea of a V.P. of Marketing, available 24/7 but without the drawbacks of being an employee or locked into a contract appeals to you, we should talk.

We have experience in multiple industries and your account will be personally supervised by Dr. Rick Mayer, Ph.D. in Sales/Marketing.

We do what it takes to get the job done. Our fees are negotiable but it usually in the range of 5% of the NET.

No contracts, quit anytime. If you don't like what we are doing at any time, we simply take it all down.


You are not tied into an expensive contract and you can change things without an attorney.
As far as iron clad contracts, we have none.


Many people go with a Franchise, but it comes at a very high cost.
With Marchise you get a Marketing Pro at a FRACTION of the cost.


You can bite off what you want, add and remove programs as you need or your business grows. We are constantly adding new tools and systems to our mix to build the local brand of clients. 

Mobile Experts

Nobody knows Mobile Marketing and Video Marketing like us!  If you are going to compete in the business world of today, havng a Mobile Expert in your corner is CRITICAL.

Our Full Line

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Each Smarter.Marketing  system has it own pricing.

Get back to us and we'll talk.

Business Consultation

In the digital age there is no One Size Fits All solution. Different companies have different needs and together we can formulate a plan that best suits you.
This might include one or several of our tools, it all depends upon your customer base, what you wish to accomplish, and how best to engage your customer base in your situation to Grow your Business.

That's the Main goal, Grow YOUR Business.

This is exactly why we have so many different products, more than any other company in the west. Our goal isn't to grow our compnay, it's to get you to a point where you are totally self-sufficient in the products and don't need us for any support other than your product subscriptions.