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Together we have Power

Everyone Helps Everyone Else, that's something the Big Boys don't do.
This feature is Exclusive to Us.


Joint Business Community

eComm = Local Businesses banding together to Gang Up on the Big Box Stores. Watch the Video below.
Schools, Churches, Business Owners, Customers, even your Competition, Everyone is promoting for you.


Expanded Reach

Reach the Whole State, then Nationally and Abroad.
As our system grows your reach grows right along with it, but your Price remains the same. 
We are already expanding to several other states.

Viral Growth

Everybody helps Everybody Else.
One business helping another, and non-profits helping everyone, including their members.
Even your Competitors help to build upon your customer exposure!
You won't see this Anywhere Else!
Time to Gang Up on the Walmarts of the World.

First of all, as Each business promotes to their customer base the overall customer base just keeps growing. Soon Thousands will be there giving you access to a New List of Prospects almost daily...prospects you couldn't reach otherwise.
eCOMM= Local Businesses banding together and Ganging Up on the Big BoxStores.
We are also giving FREE systems to non-profit organizations in order to get more folks using the apps, but we don't stop there. 

Any Business Owner thinking like this already on their way out of business!  Remember NOKIA? Ever wonder what happened to them?

The Moral of that story is Simple.
If you don't change, you shall be removed from the competition.

In that regard, Let's Compare this, The WOW Factor to anything else you can do at ANY Price. 

We were in that business and made a lot of Native Apps for Businesses. They do have their place but NOT with the average small business because of the inherent problems. Unfortunately, many businesses out there have listened to competitors and spent a Lot of money that has been essentially wasted.

Your subscription controls this and it's important to realize that even though you may be running different campaigns, each customer is on their own timeline on each.
Our systems run on A.I. and on Auto-Pilot.

On an APP things usually take 24 hours or more.
With our technolgoy changes are nearly instant.
Take Push notifications for instance. Make a change and by the time your finger gets off the button where you push it out, nearly everyone already has it.

All our systems are designed to work together.
You have THREE ways to do this.
Design your own coupons in AppVOLV and send notices to link to them, add coupons to one of your systems to Push Out, or add the incredible tracking and list building tools CouponXPRS as seen in the SmarterCoupons link. Review that system then decide if you want to take the time to do it yourself or have this powerful tool do it all.


Why will Customers Download the App?

A Simple Message:
Unlock the Power of Your Phone.

What if you had Local Businesses offering you Deals, right to your Smart Phone, but ONLY when you were close to them?
And What if your In-Store Experience totally changed?
And What if all this was FREE? 

Banners in malls, promotion by non-profits and Other Businesses, even your competitors...all saying the same thing.