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You are being Lied To
by the S.E.O. companies that call.

Google and YouTube have changed the rules.
You have a Choice.
You can do it Right or get DeListed!

There are FOUR Major Developments below...


Algorithm Changes

Google has an aggressive campaign of changing their algorithms to prevent any company from Forcing artificial Rankings. The tricks these online scammers try to employ actually become devastating to the business owner.

When you break the rules to force rankings, Google will find out and that could result in your site being DeListed.


Google Owns YouTube

Google is gearing their entire system towards preference to sites that are MOBILE and have YouTube Video.
The MOBILE part is important and you need to see the

You are already beginning to see it. Noticed the little video boxes that are starting to appear on some searches?


Geared towards Quality

Many companies are just slapping up a poorly done video in an attempt to comply.
This Backfires!
Google not only looks for Video, they look for Engagement and if your video isn't getting traffic, that ends up being worse than having no video at all.


Google "Massacre"

Google has decided to fully inmplement the most dangerous warnings about un-protected websites, their Google Massacre patch. It's INEVITABLE.
It's a speeding train headed right for all businesses. Google initially decided to "soft launch" their changes, a "carrot" approach. 
BUT, with the carrot approach not working like Google would like, now they're reaching for the stick...eventually all HTTP pages will be marked as non-secure with a red warning triangle NO ONE can miss. 


Google announced that Keywords are now Much Less of a factor in determining rankings.
No doubt this is another step to thwart Rank Forcing by companies.

Mobile Friendly

All sites you make with AppVOLV/Mobirise are mobile-friendly. You don't have to create a special mobile version of your site, another factor that affects rankings.

Video Marketing

You will see quite a bit on our Video Links in the menu.
Video has become such a big part of our daily lives it's now MANDATORY.


If your site isn't secure then you need to rebuild it now.
All our hosting is Secure.
AND, our sites comply with all the Rules of Engagement.

Google offers a Lot of Free Stuff to use.

You saw the S.E.O. Scams above and if not, check that out.

One thing you may not know, most of these scammers use the Free Google Tools and then turn around and charge you.

This section may shed some light on the issue.

So what's the answer?


Working FOR YOU