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OK, so What is Whats-out?


Proximity Marketing

We are the ONLY COMPANY offering MULTIPLE Solutions depending on your needs.

We even give you a FREE LISTING in our International App that Will bring more customers in the door.

It's a FindCashApp for a Consumer,
And a FindNewCustomerApp for a Business.

We are taking the best tools for Prospecting, Marketing, Loyalty, Proximity Marketing, GeoFencing, eCoupons, customer follow-up and retention...including several other exclusive tools and combining them into One Powerful system that WILL GROW YOUR BOTTOM LINE.


It's a Big Deal

Just ONE MORE WAY the Smart Phone has Ghanged the Game.
Watch this Video


Smarter Beacons

We are combining Multiple Technologies into a BlockBuster System that puts your Customer Retention on Auto-Pilot, and it even has a VIRAL Customer Acquisiton component you will love.
Start with the basic features and go as far as you want, as mentioned in this video.

What is GeoFencing?

Geofencing is the Wave of the Future becasue it allows Geo Targeted, Real Time Advertising.
Here is how a GeoFence Works.  

Here is a video you may have seen at the end of just above. If you didn't see that, check it out. This video how mobile has been so Transformative!   

The phones we carry around are pretty smart, but they can be 

What's Out has No Equal. It's The Next Generation of Real Time, Direct to the Consumer Marketing. Here is a brief example of just one part of it, Beacons and    
I hope you are beginning to understand the Sheer Power of this system.
It allows you to Engage your customer like NOTHING ELSE, and our's is the single Most Affordable yet Powerful on the market.

They opted for a Private Label system with Beacon Only.
Pro: Promotes only their brand Exclusively.
Pro: Allows true branding.
Con: Customers must download their private app for it to work. Most won't.
Con: Can't take advantage of other locations and Viral Marketing.
Con: Far too expensive for the average small business.
CON: And the big one, cannot prospect because the only folks downloading their app are folks they already have a relationship with.


Get Found on Mobile

It's Critical that your business be listed in our Free App.

Customers will find you using the "Near Me" feature.

Will they find You or your Competitor?

In Whats-Out we layer on multiple additional Engagement and Marketing Features.

See just Some of the Additional features in What-Out.
This video is consumer driven and covers just the Beacon side.
There are also the GeoFencing, back end Marketing and Engagement sides.

Mainly the Beacon Side


Get your FreeLoyalty System
  • See it in the "MoreBusinessNow" link above.
  • This can be a stand alone, Free system and you can stay free if you want.
  • It will Build your Business on it's own.


Get your Smarter Coupons System
  • Link also above.
  • Gives a Whole New Aspect to delivering and tracking Coupons.
  • You re in control like Never Before.

Let's Talk

We have Multiple Solutions
  • Let's Plan your Growth
  • We have Many Tools and they can all tie together.
  • Contact us.

Why Mobile Engagement?

Small business owners have a Lot of Questions, and too many people have Bad Answers.




Once Customers realize the POWER, they Download the App because it works in ALL Businesses.
They download for FREE because it helps them connect with you and your special treatment of them.
You like it because you now have a steady flow of customers, and they even bring their friends with them.
If they go to Seattle, their App works. Trip to LasVegas, not a problem. Their Local Mall, find deals when they arrive.
High School needs to make an announcement to folks as they enter the parking lot, Bingo.

There have been other players in this space but none have succeeded. Quite frankly they didn't understand the "Chicken or the Egg" concept, which is Exactly what is going on here.

But there is another, Very Powerful thing happening...
We call it the FindCashApp

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What Customers Want!

Customers want to Save Money and they want to be notified when it makes sense.
Once they have the app everything happens seamlessly and their smart phone literally reaches out and finds the deals close to them. (This site will explain WHY they need to download this app.)


How we Promore

The reason other companies in this space have failed is they simply don't understand marketing and what motivates someone to download the app.
The also don't understand Viral Marketing.


Additional Business Benefit

All clients also get a lising in
The appeal here will be exclusive client-only listings that your customers can find with one click. Watch as this develops.
NOTE:  Soon to be in all the western states under IdahoSave, OregonSave, NevadaSave, CaliforniaSave, etc.