A Critical Area

This is a CRITICAL Area and we start with this page.
NEXT, we can take it to the Next Level in SmarterSEO from the PRO Service. 

Take note, if you are dealing with one of those companies that has called or emailed you with some sort of deal or promise, You have been SCAMMED.

If you are in business you are Already getting these contacts because there are Thousands of Scammers out there.

Google Webmasters Tools

This is a FREE service from Google and the dirty little secret, these Scammers calling you don't even go this far.  Some use it but most don't, they just SCAM.

Google supplies a Very User Friendly system that you can do yourself, or in the BizGetter programs we can help you.


You NEVER need some online caller to verify your Google Listing.  It's FREE from Google.

This is one of the most common Scams going, they call to Verify your listing because you are about to loose your online presence, OMG!

You DON'T Need them, click the picture and go directly to the Free Google+ System.

How does Google Work?

Here is a pretty good explanation.

What's a Site Map?

Watch this video and then download your Free Mind-Map system from the Icon.
It's pretty cool.

As you create your site you want to keep this in mind and then you can follow the Google Rules to make sure your site is optimized.


You may have heard about Backlinks but perhaps you don't know what they are.

Here is an explanation, and in our BizGetter service, we take care of this and it's something that needs constant monitoring.