Customer Acquisition

This is the KEY, without Acquiring and Keeping customers you are essentially on your way Out of Business.
We take over this part of your business so you can contrate on Operations.
There are No Contracts, Quit Any Time.


Here is a section that is Pretty Cool.
It takes push button marketing to a whole new level.
The cool thing is we can set this up for you to run or we can run it.

S.E.O. Services

We do the critical SEO Services and keep this area under constant monitoring because the Google Algorithms change on a regular basis.  But unlike with the competition, we have you covered.
In addition, see SmarterSEO in the Pro section.


You have already seen this in operation on several pages of this SmarterApp.
It's our proprietary system that works great with coupons, updates, announcements and information delivered to any device.


We help you set up an online store that is Functional and Secure. You are free to use your own transaction processor but we Highly Recommend FirstData for a host of reasons from future proofing your business to the all important issue of mobile security.

Customer VIP System

A system were we can take over your Acquisition and Retention, on Auto-Pilot. We put a link on your SmarterApp to "Join your V.I.P. Club" so customers can stay informed. Combined with our TalkingPage system it keeps customers up to date and coming back.

Statistics & Spam

If you have email with us we have the Spam issue covered.
In addition, we can monitor the critical aspects of Site Traffic.