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Your success in business depends upon
the answers to 

  • They are finding you on their mobile device so when they click on You, What do they See?
  • Who are they, from Where and When?
  • Do you Interact with them on Their Device when they find you? 

The Way your customers and prospects Engage each other and YOU has Evolved Dramatically in just the past two years.

Even though over 95% of All Local Searches are now from a Mobile Device, just finding you is no longer enough!
The Mobile Device is Driving how people Work, Interact, Play and PAY, but Mobile is just the beginning.

90% of All Web Traffic is Now Video Based.  Cisco
By 2015, 66% of All Purchases will be made on a Mobile Device!  FirstData  

Will you be ready? 

Our Strategic Partnerships with Parallels, FirstData and Paid2Save will Prepare your business for the Advanced Mobile Age to Market Accordingly.

  • Over 90% of businesses who have made the step to Mobile are doing it wrong, significantly hurting their business. 
  • The Expensive, Fancy, Graphic Designer sites of old are not only obsolete they negatively effect the mobile experience.
  • Most visitors immediately leave the "Shrink-up" and "Redirect" sites, which includes web-apps that are falsely labeled "apps." 
  • If you plan on being in business two years from now the time to address this new technology is NOW. Waiting even a year may be too late!

To succeed in business today you need to Capture, Build, Engage and Retain a Loyal Customer Database. To do that you need to be Where They Hang Out and engage them on their device of choice with a system in place so you know What is going on, Who is Seeing you, When and from Where! And you need to top it off with Target Marketing.

When the competition touts a cheap price, ask them to match FREE from a Major International Supplier.
We then have two additional paid options that are Powerful, Affordable and include just about everything you need for a web/mobile presence.

But for a business that wants to Grow a Customer base, Interact with those customers and Grow the Bottom Line...  

The Drop Down menu's above tell more detail.The Drop Down menu's above tell more detail.We even include your own Company Video.We even include your own Company Video.

Our Smarter.Marketing® Suite has So Much it tends to be Overwhelming. It's difficult to say which feature is the most important to a business but there are several KEY areas that must be addressed to compete in this On Demand, HD, Mobile, Social World. 

  • Not doing video Marketing? You are already in trouble.Not doing video Marketing? You are already in trouble.Acquisition: Are you Looking for Customers or are They Looking for and Finding You?
  • Presence: When that Mobile Customer finds you, What do they See?
  • Engagement: The Mobile visitor wants to engage, do you? Do you now Who is visiting, How many times, When and from Where?
  • Capture: Are you building a Loyal Database of willing customers who Want you to market to them on a regular basis?
  • Retention: What are you doing now to bring those customers back again and again, and have them tell their friends so they Market For you?
  • Social Marketing: How do you Instantly market to your growing database where they hang out on their device of choice, and how do you know if that marketing is effective and sending the right message, at the right time, to the right people?
  • S.E.O. Management: Are you falling for the Scams or do you have a system in place that insures your success with monitoring tools to measure results?

Rules of Engagement and the Latest Statistics

  • "95% of All Local Searches are now from Mobile Devices."
  • "A poorly designed mobile website is worse than none at all."
  • "The Majority of Web Surfers are now Mobile Only, Rarely using a P.C." 
  • "57% will leave if any page takes over 3 seconds to load and 80% are gone after 5 seconds."
  • "80% will leave is the site is not Thumb Friendly."
  • "70% will leave if the site is merely size-converted and not optimized for their device."
  • "Re-direct to Mobile sites are now being de-ranked."
  • "8 out of 10 Mobile Visitors will Leave Immediately If:
    • The site isn't Thumb Friendly.
    • They must zoom in and out to view.
    • It's merely re-sized, not device optimized.
    • The navigation bar is hard to read.
    • No Video Support." 

What do your customers see when they find you on their mobile device?What do your customers see when they find you on their mobile device?

Automatic Across All Platform Smarter App that also works across all exclusive.

You don't need to do anything, the software does the work, optimizing and adjusting to all 7,400+ devices out there.

"But your site is Viewable on Mobile..." says your Webmaster. There is a Very Big Difference between Viewable and Optimized.  

According to Google, doing it wrong is worse than not doing it at all and in fact they are starting to Severely Punish those who do it wrong. Our proprietary system actually senses the device and adjusts the data packet, sending the correct packet to the device. Most systems merely shrink and re-position everything, whereas our patented system actually caters to the device. 

Time to Join the 21st Century with an online presence that Goes to WORK Getting and Keeping More Customers while Growing your Customer Base & Bottom Line, and all while Saving Money.

Pay particular Attention to SmarterSEOSmarterSocial and SmarterVideo.  These exclusive tools will put your business in a class by itself.

And while you are at it, get your FREE listing in our National Customer Acquisition Mobile App.

Bottom line, it's about Smarter.Marketing® that turns your Customer Acquisition VIRAL.

The KEY to success is to Capture, Engage and Retain More Loyal Customers.

Even if you are among the 3% of businesses who have an App for your online experience, if that's all you have you are already losing ground, not to mention most companies selling Apps really aren't.

Isn't it time you considered an online presence that Goes to Work FOR you, Attracting, Engaging and Retaining More Customers? 

Quite frankly, our system is about an

How about a Free System to Test Drive?

When you are ready to have your online presence become a Marketing Tool, get the facts.

Your current online presence is probably the standard Who-What-Where and no matter how fancy or expensive, it's not doing you much good because unless you engage your viewer you are using older, outdated technology that is hurting you. 

  • If you have a Webmaster or if your site is over a year old it's already obsolete and we have the statistics to prove it.

  • In fact, if you are getting marketing advice from an I.T. Person or Webmaster you are already in trouble.
  • How long are your going to keep throwing money at an expensive website that just sits there?
    • Fancy Graphic Designer websites no longer appeal to the mobile viewer, and most violate at least 2 rules of mobile engagement.
    • It's like holding onto Floppy Discs because you have an investment.

Note: This video is just a little over a year old...TRIPLE Every Statistic!

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