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Marketing is about Grabbing Attention.

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A Smart Phone.
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Engaging Someone, probably Not You.

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Video Marketing

Video is now 90% of All Online Traffic and if you aren't using video in your marketing, you are already on your way out of business.
We have an entire secton on this.

Customer Loyalty

Why spend money for a Loyalty System when we have one of the Best for FREE?
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Exclusive Tools

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The Mobile Customer

Like it or not, Mobile has Changed the Playing field.

90% of All Local Searches are from a Mobile Device.

When they click on that button and find You, What do they see?
  • There is a LOT of competition for your customer base and unless you WOW them, your competitor just might and Steal them.
  • Getting them to see your online presence is one thing, getting them to stay is another.

The Mobile Visitor wants to Engage.

Do you have a mechanism in place to Grab that customer, engage them and keep them coming back?
  • Watch your customers, they are on their smart phones and engaging someone.  Why not you?
  • On top of that, how do you tell who has engaged and from where?
  • What about S.E.O. Management, do you have a system?

The Mobile Customer wants to be Rewarded.

Do you treat your repeat customer special showing your appreciation?
  • Any loyal customer wants to know they are appreciated. Do you have a Loyalty Program that does this?
  • Customers HATE those punch cards, so what if your system was FREE and Mobile Based?
  • And what if each customer was tracked individually?

The Mobile Visitor wants VIDEO.

Are you using engaging video marketing to appeal to your customers interests?
  • VIDEO is now the #1 Activity on the web, both in Time and Search.
  • Having Video on the landing page of your site increases Google Rankings by over 600%!
  • If you aren't using video you are already on your way out of business.

Who is Really in Charge?

The Changing role of the Chief Marketing Officer in understanding who is actually in charge.